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Why is our community so JUDGY?

Judgy. Is that a word? Yes! For real. I looked it up. Google it!

Judgy: Included to make judgments; judgmental

Judgement: the ability to make considered decisions or come to sensible conclusions

Sensible Conclusions. Hmmmmmmm Do we make sensible conclusions? Do we make conclusions? First of all, do we make sense???

I know that I am like this and I think other people are like this as well. When we meet a person for the very first time, within a matter of seconds we are able to pick up on a person's energy. We have a sense of whether this person has positive energy or negative energy. We have a sense of whether we want to open up to this person and/or if we ever want to see this person again.

However, we can sometimes be surprised.  A person that seems to be narrow minded may actually be open minded and vise versa. And maybe that is because we didn't actually judge them on their energy. We  judged them based on their profession or their attire or their accent or other worldly fa…