The Single Brown Girl

Today is her birthday. She turns 31. And instead of celebrating and laughing and smiling, today she is crying. Do you want to know why? Take a guess. She is 31 and single. And when you are a brown girl that has crossed over to her 30's without a husband or fiancĂ©, your birthdays are filled with dread and despair and constant reminders of your single status. Now, I know that every community and race and religion faces this, but once again I feel like in our community it’s taken to a whole new level. A level of unworthiness and loss of self esteem. A psychologically and mentally training level. It’s Disgusting. I experienced it. I lived through it. And now, I continue to see it. And it infuriates me.

This will probably be one of my biggest rants because this is a topic that is very personal to me. I am normally very upset with India and our prior generations and all of our Aunties and Uncles. But today, I am also upset, hurt, angered, and severely disappointed in our current generat…

Shastar Control


Are you like on your period or something?

Am I on my period?

It's 3am. I just woke up from a deep sleep. Did I have a bad dream? Nope. Worse. I pull off my covers and I look down to see a huge blood stain on my pajama bottoms. Yikes! I get so mad at myself because I forgot to wear an overnight pad. I just wore a regular pad. I was even prepared this month! I had the pads ready to go at home! I move over a bit and alas, I stained the sheets too! I am mortified and I am embarrassed!!!

But,  I am extremely lucky and blessed. I quickly change into a clean pair of underwear and a clean pair of pajama bottoms and I quickly change my pad (an overnight one this time!!!). I am able to change and wash everything that got stained without anyone even noticing. I used to take these things for granted. I used to think it was such a hassle and an inconvenience, but what I just went through was a luxury. Wearing a pad is a luxury (especially an overnight one with wings!). Having clean pairs of underwear and clothes and pajamas is a luxur…

The Price of a Sikh Wedding


What is the first thing you think of? White dress? Alter? Church?  Indian Weddings. What is the first thing you think of? Red dress? Bollywood music? Elephants?  Punjabi weddings? Alcohol. Yup, that's what I thought. SMH (Shaking my head)
Anand Karaj.  Bliss, peace, harmony, 1 soul - two bodies, Guru, Gurudwara, hukam, lavaan. Waheguru! Sikh wedding - What do you think of?  Is it an Anand Karaj? Is it a Punjabi Wedding? Is it an Indian Wedding? Is it all of the above?  Is it spending ridiculous amounts of money? 
In 2014, Fortune published this: "The average American wedding costs $29,000 and has 140 guests, according to The average cost of an Indian wedding in the U.S. is $65,000 with 500 guests."  I think they were mistaken because further down in that same article I read this. . . .
". . . a wedding planner who does high-end events, pegs the average cost at $200,000. A typical Indian wedding has at least four events and requires 15 to 20 vendors. B…