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I know. These words also make me cringe!

Gosh, where do I even begin on this topic? I think it's safe to say that most of us who have been on this website have a love/hate relationship with it. (Mostly hate though)

For my non-Indian readers, is the Indian version of,, etc., etc. . . .

However, the word shaadi literally means marriage. See how much pressure there is already!!!???
And because it is an Indian website, the categories and criteria include stupid stuff like caste and skin tone. Yes, you read that correctly: skin tone! The categories for skin tone on this website are very fair, fair, wheatish, and dark. What is the difference between very fair and fair? Why are there two categories for fair? And what the heck is wheatish? Is that like wheat bread? Honey wheat or whole grain???

The website consists of paid/not paid, pictured/notpictured, Indian members from every corner of the planet. Actually, correction. There are also non…