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Are you like on your period or something?

Am I on my period?

It's 3am. I just woke up from a deep sleep. Did I have a bad dream? Nope. Worse. I pull off my covers and I look down to see a huge blood stain on my pajama bottoms. Yikes! I get so mad at myself because I forgot to wear an overnight pad. I just wore a regular pad. I was even prepared this month! I had the pads ready to go at home! I move over a bit and alas, I stained the sheets too! I am mortified and I am embarrassed!!!

But,  I am extremely lucky and blessed. I quickly change into a clean pair of underwear and a clean pair of pajama bottoms and I quickly change my pad (an overnight one this time!!!). I am able to change and wash everything that got stained without anyone even noticing. I used to take these things for granted. I used to think it was such a hassle and an inconvenience, but what I just went through was a luxury. Wearing a pad is a luxury (especially an overnight one with wings!). Having clean pairs of underwear and clothes and pajamas is a luxur…