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Ciao Bella!


Where do I begin? Food. Mmmmmm yes. Let's always start out with the food, shall we?

The pizza, the pasta, the cappuccinos, the tiramisu, the ice-cream . . . . . . .

The pizza was made on bread so thin and so fresh and so warm that it satisfied every pizza craving I've ever had. The pasta was always made with this rich, creamy sauce that wasn't too heavy and wasn't too light. It was pasta and cream that was paired with cheese and mushrooms and peas and black pepper. So simple, yet so perfect. The cappuccinos were always served in a cute little cup with a plate and a small spoon. It was the perfect amount of coffee. And you only needed one packet of sugar. That's it. None of these tall, grande, venti fill you up with with preservatives Starbucks crap. (I'm sorry Starbucks, I still love you when I am outside of Italy! I am actually writing this blog from a Starbucks right now. LOL ) The tiramisu was the perfect combination of cake and cream which was so dec…