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To Eat or Not to to Eat. . . . .


It's one of the most controversial if not the most controversial topic in the Sikh Religion and to my surprise. . . many other religions as well!

Throughout my life, I've seen and heard Sikhs with completely extreme opposite views on whether we can eat meat or not eat meat. Some Sikhs will not eat meat, or fish, or eggs. They will not even eat cookies or cakes made with eggs. Heck, they won't even eat vegetarian food if it has been cooked on the same stove top as meat! However, some Sikhs on the other end can't go a day without chicken, beef, pork, or fish and their specialties included bacon wrapped steaks with a side of porkchops! And the funny thing is that each side will find a quote from Gurbani to support their cause!

From my limited understanding, it does not directly say whether we can or cannot eat meat in the Guru Granth Sahib. But, the interesting part is that we as people want direct answers. I don't think the Gurus ever intended for religion to b…