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The Immigration Checkpoint

My Worldwide Travel Adventure Begins! First Stop: Europe!

I was all set to go and I had everything ready and organized. (Side note: Want to know something funny? I am currently writing this blog from the U.K. on a friend's computer and spell check changed my organized to organised. LOL I had to change it back and now it is underlined in red. So funny, so funny. ) Anyways, I was all set and ready to start my travels. I had my bags packed with clothes for every type of weather condition and every event ready. I had my passport and my cute pink passport cover and worldwide charger adapter and travel size toiletries ready. I had free international data on my cell phone and a cute pair of sketchers. I was set! 
There was just one thing. . . . . 
My wise and all knowing friend from the U.K. asked me a very important question. "Did you print out all of your itineraries and a copy of your travel health insurance?" 
Uhmmmm. . . isn't it 2017? Why do I need to print out anythi…