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Getting over a breakup - The Sikh Way ;)

Getting over a breakup - The Sikh Way.

I know. I know! How dare I write about getting over a breakup when we shouldn't be dating in the first place! Well. . . . .the reality is that we are dating. We just hide it really well. We have boyfriends and we have girlfriends and we hide them from our parents. And then when the breakup happens, we have to hide the worst pain in our lives from our parents as well. Reality is engagements break off, divorces happen, and reality is that we hide the person we care about most from the world because we are afraid of society. I see it happen all the time and I know because I used to do this too back in my day. Nowadays, I pretty much tell my parents everything because I think they have learned to expect the unexpected from me and guess what? They still love me. :)

Now, before I get into this, here's a little disclaimer. I know I titled this "the Sikh way", but honestly and truly, these are all universal concepts. I just know that …

Why isn't the Youth coming to Gurdwara?

Gurdwara. The doors to the Guru. The gateway to the Guru. A holy and spiritual place where one can attain peace and tranquility and a connection to the divine. . . .right?

Oh wait.  You mean, you didn't reach Sach Khand last Sunday when that Aunty told you that you gained a few pounds in a the lungar hall?!

Throughout my life, every time I go to the Gurdwara  I am always asked the same thing over and over again by all of the elders. . . .

- Where have you been? We haven't seen you in so long!
- You have gained a few pounds. . . why are you so healthy?
- Why don't you bring your friends? We have a great program!
- You lost some weight. . . why are you so skinny?!
- Why isn't the youth coming to the Gurdwara?

Why isn't the youth coming to the Gurdwara? So many answers. So many reasons. And just one blog. I'm going to try. This one is for all of the Aunties and Uncles. No, no, wait. Not all of them. But a lot of them. But most importantly, this is for all of t…