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The "Gora" and the "Gori"

So, for a short while Mr. Architect and I hung out almost every weekend. We would go out to eat, watch movies, play air hockey and just have a jolly good time. On one evening I invited him to a friend's hangout of mine in midtown. He brought a friend of his too. He brought his white friend. :)

And what do I say about this friend of his? He had a personality that absolutely glowed. He had traveled to many different countries (including India ;) and he even spoke a little bit of Hindi for show! He joked with my friends and I and he made us laugh. He was simply a joy to be around. When I first met this person, I didn't see a "white" guy. He could have been purple for all I cared. I just saw positive energy and happiness radiating from his extroverted personality which so very much matched up to my personality. I gave Mr. Architect some extra cool points for having such a nice friend. After all, birds of a feather flock together or something like that right? lol

Now, le…

The Calm Punjabi

The architect. For the record I want to say, I love architects and graphic designers. I love how their mind works. They have literally been trained to think outside the box and to be creative and it is absolutely beautiful.

On that note, the architect had called me (which already made him unique in today's texting society) and invited me to an amazing fusion Indian restaurant. He had already combined the east and the west within me. :) When I entered the restaurant he had been waiting for me at the bar and when we met, he gave me a handshake like a real gentleman should on the first meeting. His aura was extremely calm and peaceful and in his presence I also felt calm and peaceful and completely relaxed. I sensed that this person wasn't here to hurt me or have any bad intentions with me and I felt safe. Because I felt safe, I was able to be myself. . . . . . my open, talkative and goofy self. :) We had great conversation that evening. He didn't spend the entire evening ta…