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California vs. Texas


The lease to my 15 month term was soon approaching and I had to make a very important decision.. . .

Do I renew my lease?

I had given it over a year. I had a good job. I was making friends. I found some nice Thai restaurants. The mountains were lovely. But it wasn't the same. It could never be the same. Most importantly, there was a dark cloud over my head. A cloud that reminded me that my ex-boyfriend knew where I lived. My ex-boyfriend was only a few miles away. It was a cloud that reminded me that my ex-boyfriend knew that I was alone. I was alone.

I had become incredibly strong in the past year. I had found a strength within me that I never knew existed. Nope, not a weight training kind of strong. Not a "I can lift a barbell" kind of strong. It was a, "I can move to a new city all by myself and have a kickass year" kind of strong. It was a, "I don't have any close friends around me so I'll spend Friday evening with myself" k…