The Calm Punjabi

The architect. For the record I want to say, I love architects and graphic designers. I love how their mind works. They have literally been trained to think outside the box and to be creative and it is absolutely beautiful.

On that note, the architect had called me (which already made him unique in today's texting society) and invited me to an amazing fusion Indian restaurant. He had already combined the east and the west within me. :) When I entered the restaurant he had been waiting for me at the bar and when we met, he gave me a handshake like a real gentleman should on the first meeting. His aura was extremely calm and peaceful and in his presence I also felt calm and peaceful and completely relaxed. I sensed that this person wasn't here to hurt me or have any bad intentions with me and I felt safe. Because I felt safe, I was able to be myself. . . . . . my open, talkative and goofy self. :) We had great conversation that evening. He didn't spend the entire evening talking about himself. He told me about himself and I told him about myself. He had gotten a call from a friend and he ignored it saying "My friend knows not to call me, I'm on a date!" (Please note this for future reference!!!) I thought he was extremely sweet and kind and I had wondered if our souls met in a previous lifetime because I was reading a book on reincarnation at that time. lol

I also found out that he was half Punjabi! A calm Punjabi? Is it possible? LOL please allow me to explain. . . It's interesting because many of the Hindu and Non Punjabi guys that I have spoken to and/or dated have the impression that Punjabi people are crazy, hyper, loud, angry, prideful, etc., etc. . . . . Many guys have even asked me questions like, "why are Punjabi guys so aggressive? Why do they have so much pride in being Punjabi?"

Now by all means, I am not a representative of the Punjabi race. Also, please remember, I'm not even Punjabi. I know. :(  :(  :(  (maybe in my next lifetime, if I come back ;) lollll But I answered the question to those guys, and I'll attempt to answer the question here. Let's say your a kid and you go to school and every time you go to school, you get bullied. Let's say a certain group of kids steal your lunch and your lunch money. . .they trip you down on purpose, they throw you into the locker, and they call you names. You have two options: you either take the abuse and live in fear and you hate going to school or. . . . . . you become stronger, wiser, and smarter and fight back. You become so strong that after a few ass whoopings, by the time you reach high school, no bully every crosses your path again. Well, ladies and gentleman. . . . in my view that is the case of the Sikh Punjabi race. You see, ever since the religion started, "we" have always been bullied. . .whether it be the Mughals, the British, and now unfortunately the Indian Government. Our land has been taken away taken away, our holy temples have been attacked upon several times. . . . people have always tried to take something away from us. Punjabi people have never been and will never be the type of people to bend down and take abuse. They will always stand up and fight for a just cause whether it be against themselves or others in a similar situation. Yet, we are a race that is still recovering and still grieving from hundreds of years of abuse hence the reason for why "we" come across as being "aggressive" and "prideful."

The funny thing is that every time we start to heal and start to recover. . . something new happens. A perfect example would be the aftermath of September 11. A Sikh man can no longer walk down the street without being called names, beaten up, or killed. The turban which was once looked upon as a crown and a symbol of royalty is now a symbol of fear in the eyes of many so called "Americans."

 When I was dating a Muslim, he didn't want me to wear a kara (a steel iron bracelet which is an article of faith). What did I do? I started wearing two of them! When I got a new car, I put a huge white Khanda (another symbol) sticker on the back of my car. It was so big that I couldn't properly see out of my back window, but I didn't care! I had to stand my ground and let it be known that I wasn't going to give up my faith. Now, my most recent car has a small cute little grey color Khanda sticker on it. You can only see it if you are looking for it. No one is trying to take my faith away from me anymore so I'm calm.

Calm like Mr. Architect? No, not at all. LOL But, again I definitely felt calm when I was around him. I liked who I was when I was around him. The nice thing about Mr. Architect was that I think his grandfather or great grandfather or something like that was a Sikh and today he was a Hindu. For me it was reversed, my great grandfathers were Hindu and today I am a Sikh. He knew all about our history and our struggles. He had visited our holy temples. He was just cool. But keep in mind. . everyone is cool at the beginning. . . no I take that back, a lot of guys are still douschebags at the beginning. . . .(please refer to previous blog entries)

A few days after our dinner, he asked me to meet him at the park for a jog. Very cool! Did I just find a new workout buddy? I brought my dog of course and my dog liked his energy as well. In fact, every time my dog saw him he jumped on him and licked him and acted like he had seen his long lost best friends after years. If me and Mr. Architect hadn't met in a prior lifetime, I am sure my dog and Mr. Architect knew each other in a previous lifetime and my dog's actions showed it. Hehehe
I didn't know what was going to happen or where any of it was going, but I knew one thing and one thing for sure. If it wasn't Mr. Architect that would end up in my future, it was going to be someone with his same character traits. His calmness. . . . .his demeanor. . . . .his respectfulness. . . . . .but most importantly. . . the person who I was around him. . . that mattered the most. ;)

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