ISIS, Islam, and Sikhi. . . .

I know. I know. Just typing the title made me cringe too. These three words shouldn't be linked together, but the media links the first two together everyday. . . .
And if the media can say that they want, then damn it so can I!
The current state of the Islamic and Sikh community is horrendously hurtful and painful on so many levels. We are walking on ice all of the time and in today's blog post I wanted to share a correlation that I have been thinking about lately. . . .

Muslims are like pit-bulls and Sikhs are like bulldogs.

Wait!!! Before you start stoning me to death, please allow me to explain!

Most of my Indian readers don't even like dogs and are scared of them and consider it lowly for me to even think about comparing people to them. I get it. In India, there are a bunch of strays that are overly aggressive and they probably all have rabies and if they bite you, you'll die. I get it. But you guys treat dogs like shit over there, so what do you expect?

Dogs are just like people. If you take care of them, give them love, a good home, food, water, treats, and training they will become an irreplaceable part of your life. Yet, just like people, if you leave them in the ghettos and abandon them, they will lash out. How do people become thieves, robbers, murderers and more? They were probably abandoned. They probably didn't go to school. The reasons are endless but they probably didn't have a good upbringing. There are some parts in every city of America that cops don't go to because there are always drive-by shootings and the conditions are just horrible. Well, dogs are the same way. The dogs that you are afraid of are equivalent to the thieves, robbers, and murderers.

So, now let's talk about pit-bulls for a second. Every breed of dog has unique strengths and characteristics. The pit-bull is actually known for it's loyalty and it's strength. But those who don't know anything about a pit-bull, get scared when they see one. The fear is so strong that many apartment complexes will allow all dogs EXEPT pit-bulls. Many insurance companies won't offer you insurance if you own a pit-bull. And in many states, if there is one bad altercation with a pit-bull, the immediate punishment by the court of law is to put the dog down. WTF?!

A pit-bull that has been raised in a good home is so affectionate and so loyal. You can trust them to walk beside you off leash and they won't go anywhere. You can trust them to protect your family and your home. Yes, you can trust them with your life. They are actually very loving and very affectionate creatures. But, as history has shown when an evil force gets a hold of that pit-bull the results are horrendous and deadly. Some people use and abuse the good qualities of the pit-bull for bad purposes. They exploit them to become aggressive towards everyone and anyone. The worst cases are those who train pit-bulls for fighting. They will fight to their death all to make money and for people's sick sense of entertainment. Those pit-bulls are in the wrong hands. And of course, the stories about pit bull attacks are emphasized so much in the media that the general public is now afraid of these dogs.

I believe this is the state of the Muslims. They are loyal to their faith. They have a strong sense of self and they come from an extremely respectful culture. They are so loving and most of all they have amazing family values. However, some of them have come into the wrong hands as well. ISIS has exploited them and because of their wrong doings, just like when people see a pit bull and get scared. . . in the same way, when a person sees a Muslim, they get scared.

Thank you media for destroying the lives of brown people everywhere. :(

And now we come to the Sikhs. We are just like bulldogs. Why you ask? Bull dogs look similar to pit-bulls but they are not even the same breed! Well, honestly we are more like German Shepherds and Huskies because we are quite furry too. lol Dogs have beautiful coats of fur and Sikhs have beautiful hair. We are extremely energetic, playful, and friendly. And yes, we too are loyal and strong. But those people who are afraid, remain afraid because they just don't know any better. And as a result Sikhs get bullied, beaten up, and killed just because of the way we look.

In the insurance world, there is actually a long list of dogs that are on the "banned" list and it never made any sense to me. It's not about the breed of the dog. It's about the upbringing. And with people, it's not about religion, or race, or appearance. It's about their inner self. We just don't take the time to get to know the inner self within ourselves or in the people around us. But, I've got to say, I'm so proud of my Muslim and Sikh brothers and sisters who are out there in the community educating people and bringing about awareness.

Recently, Donald Trump said that he wanted to ban all Muslims from coming into America. Even American Muslims that go outside of the country wouldn't be allowed to re-enter the United States. Wow. He is like the apartment complexes and the insurance companies that say, "No pit-bulls allowed ever!" I bet after his press conferences, he eats a beef or goat kabob Sharma with a side of hummus and falafels. . . . Grrrrrrrrr

It's funny how history repeats itself over and over and over again. . . . .

P.S. If you think of dogs as low creatures this blog might have offended you, but if you see dogs in the same light as I do, you'll get it. However, if I have accidently offended you, bhull chuk maaf.

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