You ARE the Father!

Dhan Dhan Sri Guru Gobind Singh Ji Maharaj

Recently I was asked what I think of when I think of Guru Gobind Singh. Many things come to mind. Firstly of course, he is my Guru. He is the embodiment and continuation of all of our Gurus. He is the one that brings us from darkness to light. During his time, he was a warrior and a saint soldier. Adjectives such as strong, brave, fearless, and defender of all are just a few of the infinite words that one could use to describe him. When growing up in a Sikh environment, there is actually a phrase that is said over and over again: We are the sons and daughters of Guru Gobind Singh. Waheguru.

For someone who really didn't have her biological father around very much in this world or in this life, I always took those words to my heart and to my soul. In fact, that phrase, that remembrance, that knowing got me through some of the hardest times in my life. Just knowing that I am the daughter of Guru Gobind Singh gave me strength, gave me courage, and gave me wisdom to just get through whatever I was going through.

You see, our worldly and biological parents that brought us as human beings into this world are also human. And because they are human, they are prone to making mistakes just like us. They also have choices of following their ego and of following the five vices that take them away from God. Sometimes, their choices and actions also take them away from their children. As a result, kids and even adults are constantly left feeling disappointed and abandoned by our parents. Some parents who are there physically but not emotionally or spiritually put too many worldly expectations on their kids which again leaves their children feeling like a constant disappointment. It is not healthy and it is not bringing us closer to God.

Contrary to Indian beliefs, stereotypes, and movies, our parents are not perfect. By all means, love them, respect them, honor them, but do not be attached to them. In Pauri 11 of Anand Sahib it says. . .

Ay man pi-aari-aa too sadaa sach samaalay.
Ayhu kutamb too je daykh-daa chalai naahee tayrai naalay.
Saath tayrai chalai naahee tis naal ki-o chit laa-ee-ai.
Aisaa kamm moolay na keechai jit ant pachhotaa-ee-ai.
Satguroo kaa updays sun too hovai tayrai naalay.
Kahai naanak man pi-aaray too sadaa sach samaalay. ||11||
O my dear mind (man), cherish love for the Truth (God) for ever.
Your family (members), whom you see, will not accompany you (when you die).
The family (members) will not go with you, (then) why do you remain attached with them?
Never do that thing, (for which) you will have to repent at the end.
Follow the Sermons of the True Guru, which will accompany (help) you (after you die).
(Satguru) Nanak says, O dear mind (man), always cherish love for the Truth (God)
Our parents are not God and they should not be worshipped! Even Guru Gobind Singh should not be worshipped! He should be remembered. He was a humble servant of God. He was so humble that when he gave Amrit to the Panj Pyare he knelt before them and requested them to give Amrit back to him. How amazing is that? I always remember that when I am at Gurudwara giving out prashaad because it is a great honor and seva to give out prasaad but it is even more of an honor to receive prashaad. On my knees. With both hands open. It is a blessing.

Guru Gobind Singh was so humble and so strong that he sacrificed his own father and his own four sons. And you know what? His biological father was the Guru. His biological father was perfect. And even Guru Sahib wasn't attached to him. He did what was right for the panth. When his two eldest sons Ajit Singh and Jujhar Singh went to battle against the Mughals, the Guru didn't hold them to the side to save their lives and let all of the other warriors fight. No. He allowed his sons to fight. He sacrificed all four of his biological sons for the panth. He sacrificed his biological family for panth.

We are that panth. We are the panth that Guru Gobind Singh sacrificed his father and four sons for. We are the sons and daughters of Guru Gobind Singh.

Waheguru Ji Ka Khalsa Waheguru Ji Ki Fateh!
Bhull Chuk Maaf
Miss Kaur

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