From My Ashes, Flowers Will Bloom . . . a book of poems by Poetic Singh

As you all know, I love writing. A piece of my soul comes out through the pen and onto the paper . . .or out through the keyboard and onto the computer screen. ;) Many have told me that I am strong and brave to share my stories, but the truth is, it's harder for me not to share than it is to share. As a female, I believe that it is a part of our DNA to open up and share and talk and release. We feel like a great weight has been lifted from us once we are done talking and crying. This might sound weird, but crying actually makes us stronger not weaker (in balanced quantities of course!).

I think this trait is a little harder for men though. I think that men have a harder time opening up because of their own internal blockages and because of what society has told them that they have to be. Especially, Punjabi society. Punjabi movies, songs, TV shows, and culture in general teach our men to be "macho" and to assert dominance in a very unhealthy way. Yet, we forget that we come from a rich history of poets and writers that were . . . men. And dare I say it, but in my opinion, even the Shri Guru Granth Sahib Ji is poetic in nature. . after all, it rhymes!!!

With that being said, I'd like to introduce to you all my new friend and respected author, Poetic Singh. :)

In a society that suppresses male emotions, he wrote a blog, he wrote beautiful poems, and he published a book! In a society that tells men that it's not okay to cry, he made a logo for himself that shows his own tear stained eye. What's even more profound, is that in a society that teaches men to "keep women in their place",  he writes poetry that empowers women to stand up and be the best that they can be.

At a time when one Singh who was in front of me was putting me down, (who is not even worthy of being called a Singh in my opinion), another Singh on the other side of the world sent me a postcard along with his book that said this:

A Kaur's Magic

if you cannot see
the magic in you
then you are the one
limiting everything you do
so close your eyes
and count to ten
a deep breath in
and start again
be strong
be bold
be true
a Kaur
grow in confidence
with everything you do

Poetic Singh

Waheguru :) His book, From My Ashes, Flowers Will Bloom, is a beautiful collection of Poetic Singh's thoughts and emotions in poetic form that speak to anyone and everyone. His chapters include: anger, sadness, regret, love, contemplation, and Waheguru. Yes, he has a chapter called Waheguru!

I'd like to share another one of my many favorites within his book:

We are all perfectly
We are uniquely
The same
We are colourful  (He spelled colourful wrong because he is from Europe. . hehehe ;)
Never mundane
Your worry is my worry
Nothing about you is plain

So beautiful and so true. :)
Whatever it is that you are going through, it's going to be okay. Reading and writing and sharing just makes the process a little bit easier.  Go check him out. ;)

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