I'm back :)

I know. :(   It's been a while. . . . .

I could give you a million excuses. . . some are legit, and some are not. . . but here goes. . . .
#1. I've been sick! Yes! For real! Okay. . . . I have allergies. Not just the cute sneezing and sniffling runny nose allergies. Oh no.  I have had sinus headaches, swollen itchy eyes, and a constant sore throat. And you know what? Sometimes, it takes me weeks. . . months. . . or years to figure out truths that are so simple. Exhibit A: When you have bad allergies, go see an allergist! Don't go to the Walgreen's or CVS clinic. Don't go to your primary doctor (well. . . maybe, it's kind of a good start). Just go to the specialist. Every time I went somewhere else I was given antibiotics and yes they worked great while I was on them, but as soon as I got off of them, all of the symptoms came back. I was miserable. I wasn't myself. I felt a little handicapped. I finally saw an allergist and OMG, I can breathe again. I don't have headaches anymore. And my eyes are no longer swollen or itchy. . . they are back to their beautiful magnificent selves ;)

I also got my wisdom teeth taken out! I know. . . . overkill right? But I had to do it. Health was something I never really thought about years ago but now, gosh. . . my eating habits, my exercise routine, my everything is all about health. We have to take care of ourselves externally and of course internally. They both are important. . . but I am still going to place a bit more importance on internal health. Reason being is because one day, this body. . .this vessel, this shell of ours is going to die and just wither away. But our soul is eternal. . . so I feel that if we take care of our soul that will kind of last forever ( I think!). But hey what do I know?

I'm reading this book now called "A New Earth" by Eckhart Tolle. (yes, its one of my sisters recommendations!) It's all about the Ego. It's so interesting. I really, truly do believe that all of the world's religions try to help us control our Ego and help us realize our inner self. But the ironic part is that, in doing so, by associating ourselves so much with religion we actually grow our ego within that dimension! Not all of us, but many of us do. . . .

#2 Reason for why I haven't been writing. . .the dating scene took a break. But I know that shouldn't have stopped me. I still have a few more to write about. And even though I'm not dating at the moment, I still have interesting experiences that I go through almost everyday!

#3. Reason for why I paused. I wrote this blog to help people. . . .to inspire people. . . to let my fellow females know that they are not alone in this weird weird world. But I question myself and my ego. Am I really helping others with this blog? Am I connecting to my inner self? Am I helping you connect to your inner self?
Or . . . . . Is this blog a boost to my ego? Just like Facebook is in a way? Facebook is the ultimate ego booster if you ask me. . . . But how else do we connect to the world in this day and age? I still don't know what's wrong or right but I do know that writing and reading makes my soul feel good so I'm picking it back up. . . .

I got my nasal spray and my eye drops ready. . . . and I'm back ;)

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