To Whom do you Bow Down To?

Mr. Goa only got one date and you will find out why in just a few minutes. He only gets another post because the first post was more so about the history lesson he gave me!

So, if I understand correctly, Goa is like Hawaii for India. It's the place where a lot of people go on their honeymoon. It has amazing beaches and people are always partying over there (at least that's what I see on Bollywood movies!). I was expecting a laid back Indian surfer dude but to my surprise I kind of got the opposite.

A few hours before our date, Mr. Goa text messaged me and asked me what I was wearing. I thought to myself. . oh gosh, is he serious? I may end up cancelling based off of how this goes. He then asked me if I was going to wear heels. I thought to myself, what is up with guys and heels? I like wearing them but is he really asking me this now? He then asked me to not wear them. . . . .
"Why???" I asked.
"You are 5'6 aren't you? If you wear heels you might be 5'8 or 5'9"
"So?" I responded. "Aren't you 5'10?"
"No, I'm not. I'll explain when I see you."

No. He. Didn't.  Why would someone lie about their height? Why would someone lie about anything? The truth always comes out people! Alas, I switched to flats and headed out the door. . . .

Upon my arrival I saw that he was exactly my height. Maybe a half an inch shorter. It wasn't a big deal at all, but the fact that he lied about it was. However I tried it ignore this tiny glitch in my willingness to stay "open." He gave me a really stupid story about how the system wouldn't let him change his height and how he didn't want to create a new profile. How conveniently inconvenient I thought. . .

Somewhere amidst our conversation that evening we spoke about family and religion. I could sense that he was very close to his family and that is actually a negative for me. That's right people. I know that all of you say you are "family oriented" and that is supposed to be highly respectful, but do you know what "family oriented" means to me? Mama's boy!

On his profile, for religion, he indicated that he was "spiritual" but his name and our discussion gave way to the fact that he was a Hindu. He believed in Ganpati. Ganpati is the elephant God or idol that is known to the be the remover of obstacles. Well this guys surely tried to remove obstacles! I asked how his family would feel if he ever got into a relationship with a girl who wasn't Hindu. I actually already knew the answer but I wanted to hear what he had to say. He stated that his family wouldn't mind except his mother. (See! How did I know that? Refer to blogs 1 and 2 please. ;)  He said that if him and I ever got together he would have requested me to bow down to Ganpati to please his mom.

I bit my tongue and my eyes widened.
"Why did you put down that you were spiritual?" I asked. "Why did you not put down that you were a Hindu?"
"Because I did not want to be limited to only Hindu girls.." was his response

Lord Ganpati have mercy!!!

I then remembered my gunshot Gujarati guy. He put down that he was a Hindu. He even had a tattoo of his God on his back but he never once requested me to bow down to Lord Shiva (granted he may not have been that serious about me but still. . . . ) It was in that moment that I lost a lot of respect for Mr. Goa.  He was very nice and very intelligent, but he was a little insecure about himself. He needed to learn some lessons.

I was and I am open to dating other religions and other races but I will never be open to dating someone who is false. Whatever you are, whatever you believe in, be proud of it. Everyone follows and understands their own religion to different degrees and different extents and there is nothing wrong with that. The moment someone tries to hide behind a fake exterior just to get a girl or for any other motive is the moment that person is considered false in my opinion. . . . .


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