My Ancestors were Prostitutes?!?!

Yes, lessons needed to be learned and gosh I sure did have some to learn! (Still do till to this very day!)

Date #6 or should I say Guy #6 (since they started overlapping now) was from Goa. He was a very interesting and intelligent person. He was also an engineer. . . no surprise there! I was beginning to think that it was against the religion of most South Indians to not become an Engineer! j/k ;0

Now before I go into our interesting topic of discussion, I have to give you all some background info about myself. I don't remember if I mentioned this to you before in my previous blogs, but I am not Punjabi. :(. I know, I must have done something wrong in my previous lives. . . lol I'm going to try to explain this and condense this as much as possible for my non Indian readers. India: many states, many languages, many cultures, and quite a few religions. The Sikh religion originated in the northern state of Punjab hence 99.9999999% of all Sikhs are Punjabi. Yes, I made up that number but I'm pretty sure I'm pretty accurate. However, anyone from any race or culture or language can follow the Sikh religion and a couple of decades ago, a group of Sindhis started turning their first born sons into Sikhs. (long story, I'll explain more on that later. . . . because who cares about daughters right!?). My grandfathers on both my mother's side and father's side were one of those "first born sons."

Hence my family's mother tongue and my blood line traces me back to the state of Sindh, not Punjab. I mentioned this to my south Indian date and what he told me next absolutely blew my mind away. He loved Indian history and he grew up reading a lot and learning a lot. He told me the history of my own people. He said that back in the day, it was the Iranians, Persians, and Arabs who invaded India several times throughout history. He said when the men were traveling they had to bring food of course and they had to bring prostitutes along with them to satisfy their "other needs." (Remember what I said about volcanoes!) So, while they were in India the invaders, rulers, and prostitutes had a bunch of babies and they would just leave them in India before going back to their own land. My South Indian date then told me that the Hindus in the northern province of  India adopted these babies and took care of them and when the babies grew up, they started their own "Sindhi" colonies.

My mouth dropped.

I never heard this story before. My family never mentioned this to me before. I didn't want to believe him but ironically it kind of made sense. Growing up, I had always experienced bits and pieces of this phenomenon but never could I have imagined that this was the reason. The language Sindhi is also read from right to left just like Arabic. Once I had gotten a flat tire and when I called AAA, a guy from Jordan came to help me. Upon seeing my last name he said, "Oh! You are from Jordan too!?" I said, "uhmmmm no I'm Indian." He said, "No, your last name is a Jordan last name." Huh???? Today Sindhi belongs to Pakistan and it is a purely Islamic state and so I always wondered how Hindus came from that state. I understood the past few decades of my family history and I knew about the transition from the Hindu religion to the Sikh religion but I could never understand the Sindhi part.

Alas, so. . . am I an Indian? A Pakistani? An Arab? Russell Peters may have been joking but he had truth in his words when he said that one day there will no longer be affiliation to any race or country. We will all just be brown. lol

At that moment one thought came in my mind. I had gotten a DNA test done on my dog about a year ago.  I found out that he was 50% Siberian Husky, 25% Labrador Retriever, and 25% mixed breed.

I needed a DNA test for myself . . . . . . ! (artificial self speaking here, coz the inner self doesn't really care!)

Another thought also entered my mind at that moment. . . I hope Mr. Goa doesn't think that I am anything like my "ancestors".   :/

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