Google Him. . . . continued!

Since the second Gujarati guy got more than one date, he will get more than one blog. ;)

Where was I with him? Oh yeah. . .Lord Shiva, motorcycles, and guns. Okay. . . so. . .yes. . .he was the first one to get more than one date. Our first date was at a Thai restaurant of his choice and our second date was at a Thai restaurant of my choice. (of course my choice was better ;)  Our third date took place at a gun show. Now, I need to get off tangent again and explain something about myself really quickly. . . . .

I was never a fan of guns before. I thought they were unnecessary and harmful and scary! I still do to some extent. But a few years ago, my home was burglarized. All of my personal belongings and valuables were taken from me. It was okay because I was not at home. But what if I was? If one is to get robbed on the street, they run to their home for a safe escape. But where was I to escape to now? That burglar took all of my jewelry, all of my artificial items, but most importantly he took away my inner self of security and the blissful state of mind that always led me to believe that I was safe.
And can I say something? There is one valuable item that every woman possesses and if that is taken away forcefully it would be worse than death in my opinion. No, I shouldn't think like that but when you hear stories about it everyday in India and when your own personal space is compromised you can't help it. It sucks. It's like, if you are born as a guy, you are born with an attached weapon. And if you are born as a girl, your out of luck. These things always make me think about Sikh history and how our Gurus wanted every male and female Sikh to be armed at all times. I finally understood why. It did not only apply to the times back then. It applied during all times, past, present, and future. The first thing I did after my burglary was to purchase a kirpan for me and my sister. I then got a dog, took karate classes, got every insurance policy and id fraud protection policy possible. But I still needed one more item. . . . . a gun.

But even though the need for one was greater than ever before, I was still scared! Mr. Gujarati wasn't scared though. He had every gun you could think of. Why? I don't know! But he saw my interest and held my hand through the process. He took me shooting for the very first time in my life and my fear of guns were lifted. But here is the funny and interesting part. . . . .

I believe it was our third date. While discussing our careers, he gave me his business card. He made the biggest mistake of our very short relationship by doing that. I had never heard of his company before so I decided to google it. When I did, the results came back that the website was closed. Huh? This was even more surprising because his company was an IT company! I then googled his full name. And when I did. . . . LORD.HAVE.MERCY.

In India, when parents are searching for a spouse for their children, they do all sorts of background checks. They check where the person is working, how much their salary is, what kind of friends they have, references from the neighbors, family, school, etc etc. I always thought this was extremely intrusive and utterly disgraceful. Well. . . . now I know why they do it. When I googled this person's name,  I found a website which consisted of a complaint board for a company he used to work for in India. And what was written on that website you ask? Let me put it this way. . . I hope you read my previous blogs because I'll just put it like this. . . he loveddddd volcanos! He loved volcanos so much that he would use deceptive means to get his volcanos even at work. I was mortified and shocked. I couldn't believe it.  I didn't want to believe it. Was I learning how to shoot guns from the person that I actually needed the gun for???!!!

The website mentioned one more person that seemed to be his partner in crime in the volcano hunt. He was still in India and he was on facebook. I decided to be Indian and I decided to be crazy. . . . . I just had to verify that what I read was true. . . I had to do my own background check. . . . I had to speak to the "friend" that was supposedly exactly like my guy but on the other side of the world. . . . .

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