Google him!

Okay, date #6! This is actually the first date that progressed into a second and third date. By this time, I started healing. I wasn't as angry at the world anymore and I started trusting. . . just a little bit more. . . .

This guy also happened to be Gujurati. Although, it felt like he was a Punjabi. Please let me explain! #1. He was tall. My artificial self was pleased by this. lol Yes, I'm a little vain.  ;) # 2,3,4, &5 . . .He drove a sporty car, a motorcycle, had a tattoo, and a nice collection of guns. Yes, I am also attracted to gangsters. lol

We met up at a restaurant right in the middle of our homes and that is where he first pulled up in a fast car and a devilish smile. During our first dinner, he seemed a little serious, a little quite, and a little self absorbed. He seemed interested in me but I couldn't read him too well. He definitely had a shield up in front of himself. We still had a fairly nice conversation though. I learned that he had visited Harmander Sahib (the Golden Temple) 5 times. He said he could speak and understand Punjabi and he seriously loved Punjabi food. Nice.

He believed in the Lord Shiva which is what his tattoo was. On all of my dates with the Hindus I was reminded that each person had their own deity or own God that they believed in. I was curious to see if there were any correlations between the Gods they believed in and their personalities. So, first I decided to google Lord Shiva. Google would become one of my best friends in this whole experience. You'll see very soon why! From my basic Wikipedia knowledge, Shiva is known as the "destroyer" who is often seen slaying demons. Hmmmmm maybe that explains the guns? Shiva is also known as the "pure one." Nope. This guy definitely wasn't pure. He tried to kiss me at the end of our first date! When he leaned in, I quickly turned my head and gave him a hug instead. I was so utterly confused. Was it normal to kiss on the first date? Is that an American thing? Is that an Indian thing? Am I too conservative? Did he really like me that much? Lord Shiva have mercy!

Yikes, I have to go to a Zumba class. . . will finish this up tonight!

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