The Struggle. . . . . .

I know. . . I haven't been writing. It's getting harder now because it's getting more real. And when it's real, it's scary. I discovered another Kaur blog recently! She is amazing. . . .here is her blog:

From what I have read so far, Anonymous Kaur's blog deals with panthic (community) issues whereas my blogs are more of my own personal issues. lol

The reason I have an internal struggle is because often times community issues affect my personal issues and vice versa.

It's interesting because many of us (including myself) say that we don't care about what people say or think us of us, but do we really? I've always said it, believed it, and acted upon it. But in reality maybe I care too much? I don't care about what individuals think but I do care about the community as a whole. I care about my influence on them and their influence on me. They say it takes a village to raise a child and I am for sure a prime example of that. Even though I had my parents (4 of them in fact!) I wasn't super close to any of them and for that reason I always felt very attached to my community for it was them who helped raise my belief system and understanding of religion and culture and the environment around me.

The struggle that  I mentioned in my first and second blog is now coming back to me. Will I one day marry a non Sikh? And if I do, will I take him to the Gurudwara and do an Anand Karaj (Sikh wedding) with him?

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