The confirmation from the other side of the world. . . .

So, yes I facebook messaged the coworker that was also mentioned in the google search link. I know it was crazy but I had to do it. And you know what? That complete stranger responded and told me exactly what I needed to know: The Truth.

I shouldn't have been surprised. I shouldn't have been mortified. But I still was. I was absolutely shocked. I then started questioning everything out loud to this stranger. I asked why and how some people could have such bad intentions. I asked why this particular individual and many others didn't listen to their feelings and emotions and why they didn't care about the feelings and emotions of others. I actually wasn't looking for an answer to these questions because I just accepted that some people were evil but I still got one. That stranger paused for a second and then went on to tell me that some people just think and act purely from their artificial self. Artificial self?

He was hesitant to tell me more, but I had to know. He said that many thought he was crazy when talking about such topics but I am a crazy person myself and topics like this intrigued me. He then went on to tell me about the artificial self and the inner self. It was then and there that a light bulb went off in my head.

Every single human being on this earth has an inner self and an artificial self. Our artificial self consists of all of the things that distract you and keep you away from your inner being. In Sikhi, they consist of anger, greed, pride, lust, and worldly attachment. I'm pretty sure that most if not all religions mention these items in one way or another. I'll always refer to what the Sikh Religion says because that is what I know and understand the most. The stranger didn't refer to any religion when he was speaking about this, but for some reason all the bits and pieces that I had learned throughout Sikhi in the past decade finally came together. That artificial self is our ego. And our ego is a son of a b&^*&!

Everything that my religion had been teaching me, everything that my sister was trying to tell me for years and years and years finally . . . just. . . clicked. I felt like everything that had happened in my life happened for a reason and led up to that moment. . . . that moment of understanding. . . that moment of higher and deeper thinking. Why did it take a complete random stranger on the other side of the world to explain it to me for me to finally get it?  I have no idea. Was he a priest? A guru? A scholar? No to all of the above! He was just a regular person.

But that one conversation changed my life. It was hard to believe but after that one conversation I could finally see eye to eye with my spiritual sister. We always had a disconnect before that evening. I always thought she was crazy and I was always frustrated with her because I couldn't understand her. But after that evening, we were finally on the same page. The stranger on the other side of the world even recommended some books to me that helped open up my mind even more.

This might sound crazy but when you have a deeper understanding of the "universe", of "energies", of "spirits", of "souls", and dare I even say it. . . . of God, it just makes it impossible to hate anyone. Do people still disappoint me? Sure. Do people still hurt me? Of course! I'm sure I disappoint and hurt people too! But knowing and understanding the higher power and internal and external surroundings a little bit more make life much more peaceful and interesting and beautiful.

I honestly cannot call that person a stranger anymore. I would call him a dear friend. Even though he entered my life for a very short period of time. He entered to serve a purpose and once his purpose was fulfilled, he exited. And to accept people exiting your life takes a higher level of understanding as well. I went on a few more dates that I probably should not have gone on and when I told my new friend about them I said, "I am doing something wrong, isn't it?"

He said, "There is no right or wrong in this world. There are only lessons that need to be learned. . . . . . "

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