Smart South Indians!

Date #3! He was from Hyderabad. And folks, I know it's so bad stereotype, but they don't make that stuff up. South Indians are educated as heck!

Date number three was interesting because two of my best friends decided to join me on it. :)  The hyderabadi guy wanted to meet me at a south Indian restaurant and it fell on the same weekend that one of my long time high school buddies was in town. My two guy friends from high school have known me for over ten years and they supported me through all of my crazy endeavors. They were going to support me on this too. :)

Since this date was going to take place at an Indian restaurant, they would blend right in. They said they would come in a few minutes after my date and sit at a table near by. It was absolutely perfect. I wasn't alone, yet the guy didn't know about them hence he didn't feel intimated. The only difficult part would be for me to keep a straight face.

The worst part was this. I met my two guy friends earlier on at another restaurant. I got so hungry that I went ahead and ate with my friends so by the time I met date #3 I was full. :(

So, all three of us drove to the date restaurant (in separate cars of course) and Hyderabad was waiting for me. When he met me, he gave me a handshake. Did I mention that the first two dates gave me a hug when they first met me? This is really not a big deal but when I meet a guy for the very first time, I don't like giving them hugs. I don't know them! Maybe I'm being a little conservative here but I appreciated the handshake.

We sat down and ordered some food (which I hardly ate) and started talking about ourselves. This guy was an engineer and his parents were engineers. His uncles and cousins were engineers. His whole freaking family were engineers. I though to myself why is this guy even talking to me? I just have a Bachelor's in Business and even I know that's a b.s. degree! (no offense to my fellow business degree friends ;) In the world of business, you don't even need a degree. . . . .

Which brings me to today's topic. . . . . . . education.

So many of my female Indian friends and parents and Aunties and Uncles have stressed about how important it is for a guy to be "educated." But, I think what they really mean is that they want someone who is rich and being "educated" is just a nicer way of saying that. Please allow me to explain. . . . .

I have a Bachelor's degree in Business. So, does this mean that I am educated? You guys see how I write. I am no scholar by any means. I have gone very long periods of time without reading books or reading or watching the news because sometimes I am just so happy in my own little world and I hate reading negativity on everyday. I make enough money to live comfortably but I know so many guys and girls who don't have the official degree but they make two to three times much as me. In fact, one of my friends was one or two credits away from getting a degree but he never got it and yet he has an amazing job and he is probably one of the most well versed persons I've ever met. He could literally be a human Google. Yet, is he still considered uneducated?

I think in the mind of Indian parents and now Indian woman. . . . more education means more money. In some cases this is true like with the doctors and the lawyers and engineers and so forth. But like my man P Diddy once said . . . "mo money mo problems." The doctor is the still one of the most respected professions in society yet countless numbers of them have affairs with their nurses, assistants, and more! Why does this get ignored?

Education is great but I think if education does not give you an open mind its purpose has failed. Anyone can make money. And it is great to be financially secure no doubt. It's just that, there is so much more to life than just that. . . . .

So, date number three wasn't bad. I should have been intimidated by him because of all of his education but I could tell he was actually intimidated by me. Maybe I was too secure and too confident because my two best buddies were sitting and eating and silently supporting me and protecting me from the table directly diagonally across from me. ;)

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