Trust Your Dog ;)

Date #4. He was a Gujarati Dentist. And Uhmmm. . . let's just say this. . . .I was surprised that he  was someone who cleans mouths for a living because the dirtiest words came out of his mouth! The end.


Date #5 was a Sikh! When I saw him on that website, instead of saying hello, I wanted to say. . . "Brother are you lost? What are you doing here?" Lol! I opted out for hello and to be honest, he was actually one of the nicest and most thoughtful guys I went out with. He came to my side of town and we met up at a coffee shop. Now, I must remind you that I don't drink but even if I did, I wouldn't want my senses to be lessened by alcohol. I'd much rather have them sharper and more alert with coffee! I noticed that many guys wanted the first date and first meeting to be at a bar or a happy hour or something like that. Why?! Ladies, please opt for that first date to be coffee instead of "drinks." And if he can't do coffee, he shouldn't have a chance to do you!

The special thing about date number 5 was that he wanted me to bring my dog. That meant the world to me. Anyone who has a dog knows that they are like our children. And yes, it is important for our parents to like a guy, but if my dog doesn't like you, that's it. They can't speak to us in our language but they know who is good for us and who is bad for us and they will tell us in one way or another. When I met him at the coffee shop he was ready with 2 coffees and a bag of treats for my dog! Omg. Despite the bag of treats, my dog still walked passed him and ignored him! In the guy's defense, we were outside and perhaps the scent of the bushes caught my dog's attention but I was still very surprised. When we went inside (yes the coffee house was that cool that they allowed me to bring my dog inside!) they both got acquainted and my dog wagged his tail which meant "ok, you may proceed." 

P.S. A jump and a lick on the face means "I love this person." Only one guy has yet to get this reaction from my dog. . . .

Gotta go! I'll finish this tonight!

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