Curry Fries

Okay, finally! Date #1! Well, this was more like meeting #1. It was very unofficial. This was the first guy I started talking to on this website. We texted for a few days and then he invited me to his place of work which was a restaurant. He was a chef and he loved cooking for people. He was also a South Indian Catholic. I was intrigued. Isn't it Catholics who have to take a marriage class before their priest can conduct the marriage ceremony? That is genius. . . .I think everyone should take a marriage class before getting married. Shoot. . . I think everyone should take a marriage course for a semester or two before getting married!

So, lets just call him the South Indian Chef. :)
P.S. Just for the record. . . a man who can cook for his woman I think is extremely sweet and sexy. Unfortunately the men I've dated in the past couldn't even boil an egg yet they expected me to throw down 5 star Indian dishes. My father even told me and my sister, that if we are going to marry a Punjabi we have to know how to cook really good food. My ex would even test me on my cooking skills so that he could make sure that his mother would approve. I get it. . . I'm a "woman" and it's my "role". Grrrrrr >:(  It's just that the high expectations and the lack of appreciation tied to this duty takes all the fun out of cooking.

So needless to say, I was intrigued by meeting a chef. . . . .

I brought one of my lovely friends with me on this date/meeting. She is an African American and his restaurant was a fusion Indian place so she was excited to try the food and accompany me on this new adventure/experiment. We arrived at the restaurant, got seated at the table, and ordered some food.

He came about 20 minutes late.  >:(
Oh great, he already proved himself to be an Indian. Check.

He sat down with us and started talking about his career and his passion for cooking.
Our food came and it looked and smelled amazing. . . .

Then he went on to tell us about all the countries he had visited. . . .
I wanted to tell him that I also visited some of the same countries he had been to but he didn't ask nor did he give me a chance to say anything!
I took a bite of the curry fries instead. . . .

Then he went on to tell us about how much he works out and how he loves cross fit and eating healthy. . .
I wanted to tell him that I too enjoy working out. . I love zumba, and running/jogging at parks with my dog! But he didn't give ask me nor did he give me a chance to say anything. . . .
I dipped the curry fries into some ranch instead. . . . .

The next two hours went on like this! Was he nervous? Or was he just a super fast, super self absorbed talker? I couldn't make it out. When my friend and I got in the car, she recited everything that he told us. She said, "I've known you for 10+ years but I learned more about him in these past 2 hours than I've learned about you in 10 years!!!" We laughed and we had a good time. And even though I knew this guy wasn't the one, I was happy because I took the first step. And somehow, I knew. . . . . that it was all going to be okay. . . . ;)

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