Good evening :) I know I keep on postponing Date #1 but I have to share something that happened last night! Last night I had one of the most interesting conversations with one of the most interesting persons I've ever met. We had a discussion about the inner self and the artificial self. What's that you ask? Please allow me to explain. . . . .  ;)

I've seen a major trend happening recently amongst all religions and all types of people. Many are going back to the core root of what their religion teaches and preaches. I hear more and more people talking about the "energies", the "universe", our "vessels", etc., etc. I believe the proper term is called Metaphysics. I first heard this concept being used in my favorite TV show, How I Met Your Mother (The final episode was great by the way. I loved it so don't hate!) I then heard the concept at an Oprah concert. Yes, it was an Oprah concert. It was in a huge stadium and we all had those glow-in-the-dark bracelets and it was freaking awesome. Oprah is all about positive and negative energy. She should be a prophet for today's generation. LOL

I then heard about it through my sister. . . . 

And then last night I heard about it again. And it finally clicked.

This individual told me that each person has an inner self and an artificial self. The inner self is calm and poise and doesn't care about any type of worldly drama.

shoot. . . I have to go you guys. . . I'm actually running late for another date :/ I shall finish this up tonight!

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