The Middle Eastern Mix Up

Okay, date # 2. . . .

This one was actually the hardest and most difficult one to go on. It was because of 2 reasons. . . .

#1. This was the first one that I went on by myself. And if any of you have ever been through a break up, you know that it's not easy. You can't forget about that person overnight no matter how much you want to. In fact, immediately following the break up, their ghost will literally haunt you night and day. You will see them everywhere and their voice will echo through your ears. Their voicemails and their pictures will still be in your phone and in your memory. And no matter how hard you try to not do this, you will compare every subsequent person to your ex. Nothing can fix this except time.

I wrote on that stupid online profile of mine that I wanted to make friends first. I actually didn't want to go out on "dates." I wanted to hang out, meet new people, make new friends, and then possibly let that become something more. My best relationships in life have always started out as just friends so it threw me off when many of these guys ignored what I said and insisted on taking me out on a "date."

"Dates" have too many expectations and too much awkwardness. I actually hate them if they happen too quickly.

I met this middle eastern guy at a Mediterranean restaurant (of course!). He was so nice and so polite. He sat right across in front of me while the ghost of my ex was sitting to the right of me. The ghost kept on asking me what I was doing here which had me confused. This leads to the second reason for why this date was so difficult. . . .

#2. I had absolutely nothing in common with this guy besides the fact that I too liked hummus.

He was also born in America like myself so that was cool. He was actually very independent and very smart. Oh I forgot, he was a Christian as well but I could tell he wasn't very spiritual or religious. We had different opinions about different things but here's the kicker. He hated spicy food. He said he hated Indian and Thai food to be more specific and that he would never walk into an Indian restaurant because the smell is too strong for him.

The end.

It was such a small thing but it was so so soooooooooooooooo huge. I looked at him and said, "My two favorite cuisines in the world are Indian and Thai!" He responded with, "It's okay, we can still eat Italian or Barbeque or Mexican. There are so many other cuisines out there." This is probably my artificial self speaking but look. . . there are 3 meals in a day. Sometimes 4 or 5! If someone has polar opposite taste buds from me it's just not going to work.

He knew and I knew in that moment we weren't a match. But I can say with full confidence that whoever he ends up with will be well taken care of. He had the aura of a strong and independent man. It was something that I admired.
I didn't laugh after this date. I actually cried. I called one of my best friends and cried because I was confused. She thought that maybe I was jumping into the "dating" pool a little too fast. I knew that maybe I was but something was pushing me to do it. This will sound crazy but I felt something pushing me to continue. There were lessons to be learned about the universe and about myself. I wiped my tears away and responded to the next guy who would ask me out on date #3. . . .

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